Mobilizing Ideas publishes interdisciplinary perspectives on social movements, social change, and the public sphere. To enhance dialogue between scholars and activists, Mobilizing Ideas hosts exchanges between leading scholars from the social sciences and humanities and the activists they study, featuring original essays responding to a wide variety of problems related to social movements and social change.

Founded in August 2011 following the Young Scholars in Social Movements conference at the University of Notre Dame, an annual interdisciplinary gathering of select emerging social movement scholars, Mobilizing Ideas is hosted by the Center for the Study of Social Movements at Notre Dame.

Although Mobilizing Ideas does not accept unsolicited contributions, inquiries and recommendations regarding potential contributors are certainly welcome. Content published by Mobilizing Ideas may be redistributed as long as the use is not for commercial purposes, and that both the author and Mobilizing Ideas are properly attributed.

You can access a complete list of our essay contributors here.

Questions or comments should be directed to Chang Liu (cliu24@nd.edu) and Natalie Bourman-Karns (nbourman@nd.edu).

Current Editors in Chief:

Rory McVeigh
Chang Liu
Natalie Bourman-Karns

Founding Editors in Chief:

Grace Yukich
David Ortiz
Rory McVeigh
Daniel J. Myers
Daisy Verduzco Reye

Contributing Editors:

Matthew Baggetta
Tarun Banerjee
Daniel Blocq
Scott Byrd
Austin Choi Fitzpatrick
Remy Cross
Alison Dahl Crossley   
Christian Davenport
Jennifer Earl
Crystal Nicole Eddins
Barry Eidlin
Daniel Escher
Erin Evans
Matthew Friesen
Todd Nicholas Fuist
Mustafa Gurbuz
Alex Hanna
Christopher Hausmann
Kai Heidemann
Lyndi Hewitt
Amy Jonason
Jaime Kucinskas
Betsy Leondar-Wright

Lisa Lietz
Jean Yen-chun Lin
Benjamin Lind
Zakiya Luna
Amanda Maull
Stephen Meyers
Will Moore
Dana M. Moss
Laura K. Nelson
Kathleen Oberlin
Marcos Emilio Perez
David Pettinicchio
Sharon Madriaga Quinsaat
Federico Rossi
Chandra Russo
Atef Said  
Jen Schradie
James Stobaugh
Amber Tierney
Mark Treskon

Ana Velitchkova
Rima Wilkes

Elizabeth Williamson
Ruud Wouters
Fei Yan