Ruud Wouters

img_2706Ruud Wouters (Phd, 2013 University of Antwerp, Belgium) is a member of research group M²P (Media, Movements & Politics;; and Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). He teaches “Media & Politics” in the Master programme Political Communication at the University of Antwerp.

During the academic year 2015-2016 he visited the Political Communication Lab (PCL) ( at Stanford University. From January 2017 onwards, Ruud will be assistant professor at the communication department of the University of Amsterdam (

His research interests are (1) media coverage of social movements, (2) protest participation and (3) protest impact. His work has appeared both in communication (Political Communication, Journalism and Mass Media Quarterly) and in sociology journals (American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Mobilization, Social Movement Studies, …) . The title of his post-doc project (2013-2017) is “The persuasive power of protest. An experimental study of the effect of protest coverage on citizens and political elites.” (