Informing Activists: What are the best targets for my cause?

Tom Maher

What are the best targets for my cause?

Recommended Readings:


Van Dyke, N., Soule, S. A., & Taylor, V. A. 2004. The targets of social movements: Beyond a focus on the state. Research in Social Movements, Conflicts, and Change 25(1), 27-51.


Walker, Edward T., Andrew W. Martin, and John D. McCarthy. 2008. “Confronting the State, the Corporation, and the Academy: The Influence of Institutional Targets on Social Movement Repertoires.” American Journal of Sociology 114(1):35-76.


Ring-Ramirez, Misty, Heidi Reynolds-Stenson, and Jennifer Earl. 2014. “Culturally Constrained Contention: Mapping the Meaning Structure of the Repertoire of Contention.” Mobilization 19(4): 489-504.

We would like to thank the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for their support of the Youth Activism Project through the Youth and Participatory Politics Research Network.

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