Video Interview with Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick

Mobilizing Ideas is introducing an exciting change in the way that we will be providing content. Although we will continue featuring essays written by social movement scholars on various themes, we will be focusing more of our attention on developing and sharing videos featuring a broad range of social movement scholars. This is an ideal way to allow our viewers to get to know scholars in the field and their work. Videos will provide scholars with opportunities to talk about their ongoing work, but also to provide insightful commentary on contemporary issues that are of interest to activists and social movement scholars. 

Check out our first video featuring Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick (University of San Diego) interviewed by Emmanuel Cannady (Notre Dame).  Stay tuned for more exciting videos in the months ahead.

Current Editors in Chief,

Rory McVeigh, Chang Liu and Natalie Bourman-Karns

Interview Timeline:

00:50 – Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick’s research agenda 
05:30 – Advice for younger scholars
09:15 – Unique role at University of San Diego

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