Yuan Hsiao

YuanYuan Hsiao is a Ph.D. candidate in the Sociology department and a Master’s student in the Statistics department at the University of Washington. With relevant backgrounds from both fields, Yuan conducts a variety of theoretically-driven empirical research. As a social scientist, his major work concerns the role of networks in various settings, including digitally-enabled collective action, adolescent aggressive and prosocial behavior, or migration. Driven the needs to answer theoretical questions, he employs the most suitable method, such as social network analysis, structural equation modeling, multi-level methods, or non-parametric modeling. Fruits of this work have been published in major sociological journals such as Social Networks, New Media & Society, Information, Communication & Society, and in the Routledge Series on Taiwan Social Movements.

Yuan is also willing to contribute to research in different fields, as he collaborates with scholars in Statistics, Psychology, Political Science, Public Health, International Studies and Communication. He brings sociological knowledge to cross-fertilize with other fields when applicable, or serves as a statistician when specific techniques are called for. Fruits of the collaborations have been published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Plos One and multiple articles are under review.