William F. Danaher

William is a Professor of Sociology at the College of Charleston. His research interests center on work, inequality, culture, and social movements. He has published in a number of journals and co-wrote The Voice of Southern Labor: Radio, Music, and Textile Strikes, 1929-1934 (University of Minnesota Press 2004) with Vincent J. Roscigno.


One response to “William F. Danaher

  1. (@x) Professor William F.Danaher (SIU-C, Illinois, USA, frm @Sam(UKM),
    NW BASE UKM): Re: LABOUR (LABOR) IN THE CONFUCIOUS PERSPECTIVE. (x) The Labor Identification Category Stage in Confucious is at the third level, shared by the Artiste Group. Labor is a discriminative factor in the White Collar Group as of this field in the Blue Collar jobs field.
    Thus slavery of mind strain should be careful if it is sometimes grouped just as to be in the Blue Collar similarity, as of such the White Collar Psycho
    could sometimes need to share the similar grouping with the Blue Collar
    Group, basically of Physical Labor. In Malaysia, due to a historical flow
    of coolie immigrants who were less educated, many Blue Collar Type
    Coolies made it to the high level top of White Collar Duties Grouping of
    such as in their ancestral descendency, where in terms of the
    such happening case of the Blue Collar Group penetrations into
    the White Collar Group, with a still Coolie Identifications Tag Descendency,
    how Malaysia resolves the problem when in such scenario of the creation
    of such formed group of Group Mixing in of the Blue Collar within
    the White Collars (Re: The Royalties), is to carry the traditions of
    humanitarian of mankind of the Hons’ good virtues of the
    Confucious values of Kindness, Humbleness and Moralistics. The
    Country has been in peaceful order of the good social order standing until
    The Social Movement for the ‘check & balance’ of the take over
    of the Nation’s Government Good Standing should belong to
    either of the Blue Collar Dominance in relations to the new breed of
    White Collar Outstanding. Sir, this is what is happening in our Nation now.
    In the 1960s Constraint of reforming the British Organization to a
    self reknown Nationality Identification, by the proper channels of the
    Royalty Resortive, as such of the White Collar Grouping, as said
    the mentality nature of the descended Blue Collars in the highly
    educated minds perspective, have ‘speak out’ their minds. They,
    could manage the White Collars Slavery Labors of the British just
    as good. As part of the Nature as to be fair of the demands,
    unspecifications of the Blue Collars’ demands in Project Taking,
    is a normal affair. If not, in such minds how could be the rite to
    obtain a good result of the usually of such kinds of the
    Blue Collar requisite. Just as someone who is unawarely attacked
    by such Blue Collar elements, as to know of my actual stage
    in the Levels of Blue Collar or even White Collar, I just realized
    my social studies works background shall continue to be
    in continous application as to monitor the management of
    the non-ethical rites of the Blue Collar Jobs Force Tactics
    Enforcement as such in my awared conscience of the thanking
    Organizations co-operative between the Blue Collar and the
    White Collar descendency of Borneo Traditions, I seek your
    most experienced help in Labor Movements of the
    Direction and or Indirection as to be able to set up the
    System in Accordance of The Confucious Communities
    (Re: Gearing towards Vision 2020 or the Wawasan 2020
    in the Look East Policy since Mahathirism 1981). Thank-you.


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