Will Cernanec

Primarily interested in the study of social movements, Will is in his second year at the University Notre Dame. He received his B.A. in Anthropology and Peace studies from Notre Dame in 2012. Before returning for graduate school, he spent time teaching preschool in Indianapolis, and then working on a snorkel boat in Hawaii. While his interests are in social movements, activism, and solidarity more broadly, Will is specifically interested in power dynamics and the ways in which subaltern groups develop agency and become conscious of the systems in which they are embedded. Will is also interested in the particular social movements around the substantive areas of immigration, food (GMOs, Organic, etc.), and climate change and is starting a MA Thesis regarding the GMO labeling votes in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California.

Areas of interest – Social Movements, Social Justice, Solidarity, Peace Studies, and Social Change


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