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P.S.1010: A Collaborative Presence Without Agenda

By Stacy Elaine Dacheux

(photo taken from the P.S.1010 Kickstarter campaign)

(photo taken from the P.S.1010 Kickstarter campaign)

“How might we explore this connection between art and education? What is the relationship between the emancipated spectator and the empowered student? If activity and criticality distinguish both radical aesthetics and radical pedagogy, what happens when these contexts not only intersect but merge?”

These are a few important questions Eirik Schmertmann, Erin Schneider, Arjuna Neuman, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Clifford Pun, Annie Danis, and Marco Di Domenico are asking with the launch of their latest endeavor, P.S. 1010, a school bus that will function as “a mobile laboratory, gallery, and classroom.” Continue reading


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