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Reinvigorating Labor Day? “A day for migrant rights, labor rights, human rights”

Many television news segments, newspaper articles and blog posts have, of late, asked what’s  next for the Occupy movement. With spring in the air, apparently much of the Occupy movement’s strategizing has gone into claiming Labor Day as a way to express contemporary discontent and possibly mobilize new participants particularly in smaller cities.  According to Alan Farnham of ABC News, “It’s shaping up to be a busy spring for Occupy.”  Because of its cultural significance, or that it presents a perennial opportunity to raise awareness and promote Occupy goals, May Day might get a makeover in becoming the day for the 99%.

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Police and the OWS Protection Racket

While the protests in Zuccoti Park are presently on hiatus, members of the 99% movement continue to engage in protests and other forms of activism around the country. Police, for their part, continue to maintain a visible presence at movement events, while episodically engaging in more repressive actions, such as clearing protest sites and arresting demonstrators. Continue reading

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New Profile of OWS & Tea Party Supporters

Results of a new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute were released yesterday that draw a profile of the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements. The poll finds that about a quarter of Americans identify with the values of the OWS movement, and about the same number identify with the values of the Tea Party movement. On the other hand, close to half feel that neither group shares their values.

The demographics of the supporters of each movement vary widely. Some of these variations are unsurprising. For instance, Democrats and liberals more often support OWS than the TPM, with the converse also being true. Also, the only religious affiliation that is correlated with supporting the TPM over OWS is white evangelical, while other religious affiliations are associated either with equal support for the two groups or with preference for OWS.

However, there are a few findings that are less obvious and that have important implications for both movements. First, twice as many political moderates express support for OWS compared to the TPM, a statistic that suggests that the OWS might be doing a better job of speaking for “middle America” than the TPM at this point in time.  Also, in terms of the potential impact of the two movements on electoral politics, there is a significant difference in voter registration between supporters of the two groups, with ten percent more TPM supporters registered to vote than OWS supporters. While both movements have sought to exert political pressure through means other than voting, the lower registration rates among OWS supporters may be an important piece of the puzzle in the 2012 general election.


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