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Political Anarchy, Civil War and Violence as Consequences of Social Movements?

A few weeks ago, a Libyan militia group kidnapped the Prime Minister of the country. The abduction followed shortly after two military operations that were carried out by United States commandos. The operations led to the arrest of two Libyan citizens who are suspected of terrorist activity. Many Libyans disapproved of the U.S. military operations, and blamed the Libyan government for having tacitly approved of them.

According to the BBC, a spokesman of the militia group initially claimed that the kidnapping of the Prime Minister was directly related to the US raids. Soon after this news release, the militia group however asserted that the arrest was unrelated to the American military operations. The group had allegedly apprehended the Prime Minister for questioning “on the orders of the prosecutor general”. The Justice Minister denied. But doubts remain about the involvement of political actors in the kidnapping.

The story illustrates the level of anarchy that exists in post-revolution Libya. Continue reading


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