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Informing Activists: How do I use online tools to help my cause?

Lissa Soep

Elisabeth (Lissa) Soep, PhD (Stanford) is Research Director and Senior Producer at Youth Radio, a national youth-driven production company in Oakland, CA. She researches and writes about youth discourse, learning, and digital media culture for academic journals, popular publications, and books including Drop that Knowledge and Youthscapes.

How do I use online tools to help my cause?

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It’s All in How You Use It

By Jennifer Earl

When Internet use was beginning to grow in the 1990s, a now decades-old debate started over whether the Internet would bring vast improvements to society, social relations, and individuals or lead to greater inequality, more anomie, and a much thinner civic core. As time wore on, many scholars studying information communication technologies (ICTs) and society were influenced by earlier work in science and technology studies (STS), which suggested that technologies themselves had no direct impact on society, but rather that their impact depended on how the technologies were used (and misused). And, after watching conflicting findings on the impacts of Internet usage roll in for about a decade, the majority of researchers in this area began to support a much milder conclusion: Internet usage would produce some social benefits and likely some social difficulties and the mix and appearance of those would depend on its usage. Continue reading


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