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Crowd sourced data collection & sharing on police brutality in Floyd protests

An effort is underway to “document examples of excessive force being used by law enforcement officers during the 2020 protests sparked by the death of George Floyd.assemble reports of police brutality occurring in the George Floyd” in order to “assist journalists, politicians, prosecutors, activists and concerned citizens.”

You can report an incident here (you’ll need to register for a GitHub account if you don’t have one).

To see/use the data already assembled or to learn more, go here (no account/login required).

This is a crowdsourced effort, so spread the word.

Questions? Contact Dan Myers (danm@american.edu).

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The Current State of Protest Event Data

Kalev Leetaru recently mused, while comparing the level of protest surrounding the Arab Spring, whether we could measure with the level of global protest activity at any given time. He answers in the affirmative, suggesting that the project he directs, the Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (or GDELT), may be able to give some insight into this. GDELT is based on a huge database of news media reports, cataloging some 2.4 million events. Leetaru uses these data to suggest that the 1980s were more turbulent than the post-Arab Spring era, and that the most contentious era of worldwide protest in the past 35 years was that of the controversy around the 2006 anti-Islam Danish cartoon.

Scholars of social movements may puzzle over this. It seems unlikely that an isolated incident in Denmark could trump such watershed events such as the fall of the Soviet bloc and the events which took place in Tiananmen Square 25 years ago. It raises the question — what is going on with the “cutting-edge” of protest event data? Continue reading


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