Rauf Arif

Rauf Arif. Photo1Dr. Rauf Arif is an assistant professor of Journalism & Electronic Media at the College of Media and Communication, Texas Tech University. Born in Pakistan, Arif worked as a news reporter in Islamabad, Pakistan for over eight years, both for print and electronic media including the CNBC Pakistan TV. Arif received his MS in Mass Communication (2007-09) from the University of Kansas, and a Ph. D. in Mass Communication & Journalism (2009-2014) from the University of Iowa. His observations on social media and society have appeared in national and international media. Arif has a number of publications focusing on social media and social movements, the role of communication technologies in healthcare sector, cross-cultural image analysis, cross-cultural media practices, mediated public diplomacy, and the changing trends of Pakistani media in the post-9/11 era. His research is focused on photo sharing network sites, such as Snapchat and Instagram, and their impact on human communication; devising communication strategies for improving the quality of life in terms of providing better healthcare to the citizens. His active research agenda also involves the use of social media and public diplomacy to promote friendly relations between the United States and the Muslim World. Currently, Arif is working on a book project that focuses on social media and social movements in non-Western societies such as the Middle East.