Nancy J. Davis

Nancy is Professor Emerita of Sociology at DePauw University.  She is also one of the founding members of the Women’s Studies program at DePauw and has chaired the Women’s Studies committee.   Her course “Protest, Activism, and Change” highlights feminist activism as one of seven major movements considered, as well as the role of women in other movements for change.  In previous years, she has taught “Gender & Society” and a senior seminar in sociology focused on cultural conflict, including struggles between feminists and anti-feminists over issues of reproductive rights, sexuality, and school curriculum.

Nancy’s research includes publications in The American Journal of Sociology, The American Sociological Review, and other journals on incorporating women into sociological conceptions of class; perceptions of gender inequality and support for government intervention to reduce it; and, the connections between religious orthodoxy and gender attitudes in Western Europe and the U.S. Her most recent scholarship is a book with Rob Robinson entitled Claiming Society for God.

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