Michelle I. Gawerc

GawercMichelle I. Gawerc is an assistant professor of sociology and global studies at Loyola University Maryland. Her research interests are at the intersection of social movements and peace and conflict studies. Michelle’s current research focuses on how joint peace movement organizations in Israel-Palestine are able to construct and maintain a collective identity allowing them to engage in joint action for peace. By highlighting the different missions and goals within these movement organizations and the on-going negotiation involved in the construction of a collective identity, this study seeks to enrich our understanding of how movement organizations succeed in becoming a collective actor. Moreover, this study seeks to strengthen our understanding of how groups can successfully work across deep cleavages and power asymmetries—even amidst violent and protracted conflict. Michelle’s research has been published in numerous journals including: Research in Social Movements, Conflicts, and Change; Peace and Change: A Peace Studies Journal; International Journal of Peace Studies; Journal of Peacebuilding and Development; Conflict Resolution Quarterly; Peace Review; and Middle East Review of International Affairs. She is also the author of Prefiguring Peace: Israeli-Palestinian Peacebuilding Partnerships.