Megan Brooker

Megan E. Brooker (PhD Sociology, University of California Irvine) is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Kansas. Her research examines the relationship between social movements and institutional politics. Her work has been published in The Resistance: The Dawn of the Anti-Trump Opposition Movement and The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Social Movements, 2nd Edition. Megan’s dissertation, “Capture or Be Captured: Movement-Party Relationships and the 2016 Presidential Election,” analyzed the electoral influence of movements of the political left and right and evaluated the repercussions of movement-party alignments through case studies of the Black Lives Matter, white nationalist, LGBTQ Rights, Christian Right, and Indivisible movements. Her work raises theoretical questions about the health of democratic institutions in the United States, the responsiveness of political institutions to public grievances, and the role of organized interests in generating social change.