Julia Chaitin

Chaitin picJulia Chaitin, Ph.D. is a resident of Kibbutz Urim (Israel), located near the border with the Gaza Strip. She is a scholar-practitioner, and her background is in social psychology, with an expertise in qualitative-narrative research and peace-building. Her research focuses on the long-term psychosocial impacts of the Holocaust and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict – including topics such as personal narratives – and the role they place in peace-building or peace-obstruction, collective identity, political tourism, and inter-group dialogue. She has published articles and books on these topics. Dr. Chaitin is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Work at the Sapir College, and teaches in the Masters Conflict Management Program at the Eilat campus of Ben Gurion University. Dr. Chaitin is also active in grassroots peace and social justice work. She is a board member of Other Voice – a volunteer organization that calls for a non-violent end to the conflict in the Gaza-Sderot region, a member of Friendship across Borders – a joint German, Israeli and Palestinian peace education NGO, and a member of Circles in Eshkol – a group comprised of secular and Orthodox Jews.

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