Jessica Mason Pieklo

Mason PiekloJessica, Senior Legal Analyst for RH RealityCheck, is an attorney, adjunct professor of law, and the former Assistant Director for the Health Law Institute at Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. A freelance writer, Jessica covers constitutional law and women’s rights at and her writing on law and politics has appeared in Ms. Magazine, RH Reality Check, Alternet, The Washington Times, and Raw Story. Before becoming a writer and a professor, Jessica spent six years litigating medical malpractice and corporate fraud cases. Jessica co-authored Crow After Roe: How Women’s Health Is the New “Separate But Equal” and How to Change That  with Robin Marty and frequently appears on the MOMocrats MOMochat as a legal affairs analysis and commentator.


One response to “Jessica Mason Pieklo

  1. Paula Whitfield

    Jessica Mason Pieklo:
    I’m no longer on Twitter bc Imani destroyed me even though I’ve fought for HER Civil Rights for close to 50 years. I have been called a racist by ppl there who followed her lead when I evidently replied “wrongly” to a Tweet of hers. I’ll miss y’all on the podcast but I refuse to tolerate being completely castigated by her and others as if I were fresh meat for a pack of wild dogs.


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