Hank Johnston

johnston-picHank Johnston is Professor of Sociology at San Diego State University. His research focuses on nationalist movements, protest and resistance in repressive states, framing actions, and cultural approaches to mobilization. He has done research in Spain, the Baltic and Transcaucasian states of the former Soviet Union, Venezuela, and currently, Mexico. He is founding editor and publisher of Mobilization: An International Quarterly, the leading journal of research on protest and social movements. He serves as editor of the Mobilization Series on Protest, Social Movements, and Culture with Ashgate Publishers. His latest books are What is a Social Movement (Polity 2014). States and Social Movements (Polity 2012), Violent Protest in the Neoliberal State, (with Seraphim Sepheriades, Ashgate 2011), and Culture, Social Movements, and Protest (Ashgate, 2009).

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