Dick Flacks

Dick’s PhD was in social psychology at U of Michigan in 1963. After five years at the University of Chicago, he moved to UC Santa Barbara where he taught until retirement in 2006. As a graduate student he helped found Students for a Democratic Society in 1962 and was nationally active in new left and antiwar efforts throughout the sixties. His social movement writing includes: Making History: The American Left and the American Mind; Youth and Social Change; Beyond the Barricades: The Liberated generation grows up (with Jack Whalen); Playing for Change: Music and musicians in the service of social movements (with Rob Rosenthal). Some of the ideas in this piece are developed at length in an article: “Knowledge for what? Thoughts on the state of social movements studies” in J. Goodwin and J. Jasper Rethinking Social Movements. Rowen and Littlefield, 2004

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