Cecilia Menjívar

Cecilia Menjivar Photo Sept 2018.jpgCecilia Menjívar holds the Dorothy L. Meier Chair and is Professor of Sociology at UCLA. Her research falls in two areas: immigration from Central America to the United States and on violence in Latin America. With respect to the first, she has researched the effects of immigration laws, at the federal, state and local levels, on different aspects of immigrants’ lives, such as enforcement practices, the legal production of illegality, social networks, family dynamics, the workplace and schools, family separations, educational aspirations, and religious participation. With respect to the second, she has focused on technologies of state terror, political violence, and gender, symbolic and structural violence. Both areas allow her to examine the workings of state power on the everyday lives of individuals. Her most recent publications include the book Immigrant Families (Polity, 2016), co-authored with Leisy Abrego and Leah Schmalzbauer, and The Handbook of Migration Crises (Oxford, 2019), co-edited with Marie Ruiz and Immanuel Ness.