Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the Cambridge University Press Elements series on Contentious Politics, which we are co-editing. Cambridge Elements are a new concept in academic publishing and scholarly communication, combining some of the best features of books and journal articles. They consist of original, concise, peer-reviewed scholarly research of approximately 20,000 to 30,000 words. Contributions are published digitally (with bound paper copies supplied on demand), giving authors the ability to regularly update the work and providing a dynamic reference resource for students, researchers, and practitioners. The format will allow authors to include visual elements such as video links, color pictures, and graphs as well as other innovative features.

For the Contentious Politics series, we aim to provide an opportunity to bridge research and communication about the politics of protest across disciplines and between the academy and a broader public. Our focus is on political engagement, disruption, and collective action that extends beyond the boundaries of conventional institutional politics. Social movements, revolutionary campaigns, organized reform efforts, and relatively spontaneous uprisings animate contemporary politics; we encourage studies and analyses that promote better understanding and dialogue about these phenomena. We welcome case studies of the broad range of contentious politics, as well as explicitly comparative analyses that look at similar campaigns or constituencies in different contexts. We are interested in presenting studies that focus on the organization, politics and culture within social movements as well as treatments of their interactions with mainstream political institutions, including legislatures, courts, and elections. The series is committed to discussion across a range of disciplines and to methodological pluralism. We also welcome summaries of the state of knowledge on particular issues in contentious politics, explicitly theoretical work on how the politics of protest works in different settings, including different countries and regions of the world, as well as methodological advances that offer useful direction on how to study political contention.

If you are interested in authoring an Elements piece, please contact one of us with your ideas and we can start a dialogue.


Best wishes,

David S. Meyer ( and Suzanne Staggenborg (


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