Generational Divides, Student Activism, and the Youth Vote

As the 2020 presidential election heats up, so does discussion about the political behavior of young people. Students in particular – their votes and their activism – are often depicted as necessary to democracy, but challenging to mobilize. On the other hand, older Americans are more likely to vote, and their voting patterns, as well as their leadership in many activist organizations, can give them an outsized voice in American politics. Furthermore, the political concerns of young and older people, as well as the strategies and tactics that they prefer, often diverge. How might generational divides influence activism, and with what consequences for politics in the U.S. and elsewhere? How might generational divides inhibit coalition-building that could effectively mobilize the youth vote?

This month, we have five outstanding contributors. Many thanks for their contributions on this topic:


Editors in Chief,

Rory McVeigh, David Ortiz, Guillermo Trejo, and Grace Yukich

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