Informing Activists: What can activists in the West learn from the Arab Spring?


Three relevant pieces of research about social movements and the Arab Spring:
Mobilization Journal’s special issue on the Arab Spring:

Howard, Philip N., and Muzammil M. Hussain. 2013. “Democracy’s fourth wave?: digital media and the Arab Spring.” Oxford University Press.

Alimi, Eitan Y., and David S. Meyer. 2011. “Seasons of change: Arab Spring and political opportunities.” Swiss Political Science Review 17.4: 475-479.


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2 responses to “Informing Activists: What can activists in the West learn from the Arab Spring?

  1. Eleanor Kahlo

    Thank you for this great post.
    I would like to know more about the role of mosques in the Arab Spring. Does anyone have any articles on this that I can link to?


  2. Timo


    Let’s stop merely living, and start thriving!

    The ever so elusive World Peace is attainable. We just have been going after it the wrong way. We have been trying to talk sense to our leaders and the UN, but that will never work. There is a way to achieve the World Peace by We The People power.

    Together we can gently FORCE our politician around the world to reform the United Nations, so that it will be the world’s leader and police. This will eventually lead to the World Peace, real freedom and basic life necessities for all.

    From impending climate catastrophe to the renewed assault on working class living standards, we don’t have time to waste on the status quo, lesser evils, and token reforms in the UN. We must tear it totally apart and rebuild it from scratch to a world leader it can become.

    As humans we really don’t like major change at all. It seems that we always must go through the same cycle: First We Resist, Then We Adapt, Then We Love. It takes a really open minded person to be able to see the benefits of something new, especially if it’s a major life changing idea. Are you one of the few who is openminded enough to look at this world changing plan with unbiased mind?

    The rest of the plan is in this PDF that you can read here:


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