Informing Activists: What are the risks of activism and can I reduce those risks?

Heidi Reynolds-Stenson

What are the risks of activism and can I reduce those risks?

Recommended Readings:


della Porta, Donatella, and Herbert Reiter. 1998. “The Policing of Protest in Western Democracies” in Policing Protest: The Control of Mass Demonstrations in Western Democracies, by della Porta, Donatella and Herbert Reiter (eds). Minneapolis MN: University of Minnesota Press. p.1-34.


Earl, Jennifer. 2011. “Political repression: Iron fists, velvet gloves, and diffuse control.” Annual Review of Sociology 37: 261-284.


Rafail, Patrick, Sarah A. Soule, and John D. McCarthy. 2012. “Describing and Accounting for the Trends in US Protest Policing, 1960− 1995.” Journal of conflict resolution 56:736-765.

We would like to thank the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for their support of the Youth Activism Project through the Youth and Participatory Politics Research Network.

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