For any Stata folks out there…

I wanted to let people know about a set of Stata resources that a graduate class of mine and I are putting together online: I am teaching a graduate class on data management in Stata (so, no analytical stuff like a regular stats class, but rather how to program in Stata). The website linked above has the topics and readings from my syllabus and then student produced “resources” for the equivalent of each class day. These will continue to be posted across the semester so that someone could potentially use these materials to learn Stata programming where no course exists for them. Or, maybe you just want to brush up on a particular topic (e.g., regular expressions, post, loops) and want some help doing it. Or, maybe you wish your research assistant or students were better programmers and you encourage them to check this out. There are lots of ways to use these resources.

The resources a pretty awesome—my students have been doing an excellent job. There is a great YouTube video, some really great blog entries with examples, etc. If you are interested in brushing up on your Stata skills, check it out. If you wish this was about R, produce some materials and I will add them in. If you know about other cool links for a particular topic, send them my way and I will add them up!


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