Social Trauma, Emotions, and Activism: Round 2

We are pleased to introduce a new round of posts for the essay dialogue on social trauma, reconciliation, and activism.  These new perspectives draw on a interesting array of cases—post-Katrina New Orleans, reconciliation in South Africa, and government repression in Italy—and offer new insights on this relevant topic.  Many thanks to our contributors.

Round 2 Contributions:
Fanie du Toit, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (essay)
Andrea Hajek, University of Glasgow (essay)
Stephen F. Ostertag, Tulane University (essay)

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One response to “Social Trauma, Emotions, and Activism: Round 2

  1. De verdad que estaba buscando esto, la verdad que es bueno conseguir informaciones de este tipo, ahora mismo iniciaré un proyecto del cual este tema me va como anillo al dedo.


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