Racist Movements: Round 2

Since Mobilizing Ideas began, we have quickly covered a lot of interesting topics by featuring a new essay dialogue theme each month. This strategy is good for keeping the content fresh, but the downside is that there is less time for contributors to engage and respond to one another in meaningful dialogue.  So, we are now featuring each essay dialogue topic for two months instead of one, with some essays posted at the beginning of the first month and another group in the second month.  We are asking contributors to the second round to weave some reactions to points raised in the previous posts into their original insights on the topic.  Contributors to the first round of essays for the Racist Movements topic certainly offered a lot of great material for this kind of exchange, and the authors for round 2 have picked up on some of those threads and have extended the discussion in important ways. We hope you enjoy these new contributions on this important topic:

Amy Kate Bailey, University of Illinois, Chicago (essay)
Maya Beasley, University of Connecticut (essay)
David Cunningham, Brandeis University (essay)
Jenny Irons, Hamilton College (essay)
Pete Simi, University of Nebraska, Omaha (essay)


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Filed under Essay Dialogues, Racist and Racial Justice Movements

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