Right-Wing Extremism, Racist Movements, and Fights for Racial Justice

While many Americans might feel as if the 1960s KKK-style of white supremacy is a thing of the past, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that more than 1000 extremist hate groups still exist today, including neo-Nazis, Klansmen, white nationalist, racist skinhead, and border vigilante groups. But how is racist activism sustained during a time when expressions of overt racism have become much less common? Are these simply marginalized factions of disgruntled bigots, or something more?  And, what does the future hold for racist and other far-right movements?  Race also mobilizes activism on the other end of the political spectrum, as racial minorities and white allies attempt to build on the legacy of the civil rights movement. But in light of the relatively weak and short-lived protests following the acquittal of George Zimmerman for his role in killing Trayvon Martin, many analysts have raised questions about the vitality of the movement for racial justice in the U.S. Why have contemporary national movements around racial justice been so difficult to sustain? Where does the majority of racial justice activism occur today, and in what forms? And, are there any changes on the horizon?  We have lined up a fantastic group of scholars and activists to reflect on these issues and will feature their essays throughout October and November. As always, we are grateful for the participation of our distinguished contributors:

damali ayo, Author and Speaker (essay)
Heidi Beirich and Evelyn Schlatter, Southern Poverty Law Center (essay)
Kathleen Blee, University of Pittsburgh (essay)
John Brueggemann, Skidmore College (essay)
Betty A Dobratz, Iowa State University and Lisa K. Waldner, University
of St. Thomas (essay)
Kim Ebert, North Carolina State University (essay)
Abby L. Ferber, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (essay)
Robert Futrell, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (essay)
Peter B. Owens, University of California, Irvine (essay)
Todd J. Schroer, University of Southern Indiana (essay)

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