Be 1 of the Final 34 People to Help CITASA Cross the 400 Member Mark!

As Chair of the Communication and Information Technologies section of the ASA (CITASA), I am happy to announce that we are within 34 new members of earning an additional ASA session in 2014. I am blogging in hopes that some Mobilizing Ideas folks, who realize the technology is increasingly important to activism, will take this as opportunity to get involved in the section.

If you are already an ASA member, which you are if you went to the this year’s ASAs in NYC, the cost of joining the section is nominal and you can do it easily by visiting your member profile at: But, we need you to act today—we only have until September 29th to generate new memberships to earn this additional session. September 30 is the final census date for the section and our tally day will determine if we stay at 3 sessions for the 2014 ASAs or move up to 4! (BTW, as Chair of the section, I have committed that if we earn that additional session by enlarging our membership, I will dedicate it to Media Sociology, so if you are interested in media sociology, this is an easy way to increase meeting time devoted to the topic next year).

I also wanted to do some outreach about CITASA because I understand a lot of people have not heard of our section, or think that we take the information technologies, but not the communication, part of name seriously. Or, they think we all study the technologies, but not how they are used. But, actually, I think you might find that there is a great diversity of work going on in CITASA and it might be a place that could help forward your work.

Here’s a couple of things that you might not know about CITASA:

– From personal experience, I can say that CITASA has shown a great interest in developing and facilitating work on online protest.In fact, over time, I have seen a lot of papers in CITASA sections on online protest, so this is a great place to get support for work on this topic.

– CITASA has been the hub for political communications research. We have the probably the largest overlap of any ASA section with ICA (International Communication Association) and NCA (National Communication Association) members and have the largest number of Communication scholars in our fold. Many of us attend the ASAs and the ICAs and/or NCAs. A number of section members, and even several former section chairs, are appointed in Communication departments.

– CITASA studies all kinds of media and their relationships to political life. For instance, we have regularly given awards for scholarship that studies multiple media and core communication processes. Case in point: our Best Article Award winner this year, Shelley Boulianne, won for an article looking at the relationship between political interest and use of different forms of media. It was an exceptional piece of scholarship and one that I think represents CITASA’s interest in media sociology.

– A lot of our membership see themselves as media scholars—just as an example, a good bit of my own work has been on the use of newspapers as a data source for studying social movements. I have also studied the cultural consequences of social movements, which include media and cultural production (and started but never finished a project on women’s representations in comics—if only I had more time!). I also study online protest, but it’s not just new media that brings me to CITASA, its media and communication.

I am hoping that this outreach about the section may make you even more interested in learning more about us, getting involved, or even joining the section.  If you have questions or want to learn more or get more involved in the section, please let me know.


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