Roe at 40: Round Two

In our second round of essays on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, contributors dig further into the discursive issues surrounding reproductive movements and the implications of political and policy legacies.  Many thanks to our distinguished contributors:

Myra Marx Ferree, University of Wisconsin, (essay)
Jeanne Flavin
, Fordham University, and
     Lynn Paltrow, National Advocates for Pregnant Women (essay)
Drew Halfmann, University of California, Davis (essay)
Zakiya Luna, UC Berkeley (essay)



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2 responses to “Roe at 40: Round Two

  1. Eric Hodgdon

    Seems this issue doesn’t concern me much anymore. However, controlling one’s body is an inherent right, which anti-abortion people can never legislate away in the USA. The Ninth and Tenth Amendments shall provide all the required rights to end this debate forever. With today’s Nationalistic iron grip holding sway over the Republic, these amendments are even more in-force in over-riding any state laws, period!

    But then, who gives a damn about the way our system is set up. No matter the issue, unless it impacts a person, people won’t bother.

    “Your fight isn’t my fight, so bugger off.”
    Such is more so than,
    “As we’re citizens together, we’ll take responsibility for each others concerns in order to do the right thing and to amplify our power.”


  2. To state that all men have been created equal, rather than all men are born equal, is to recognize we have been endowed with our unalienable Right to Life at the moment we are created and brought into being, not at the moment we came forth from the womb or were delivered by Caesarean Section.


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