Arizona Methods Workshop

I wanted to let folks know about a set of methods workshops put on by the University of Arizona Sociology Department. The workshops take place between January 3-8, 2013 (which is a lovely time of year to be in Tucson). Topics range from a workshop on simulations to social network analysis to R and places in between. The sessions are designed to be as useful to faculty as they are to graduate students; I plan to take 1-2 myself this year.

I am going to be giving a workshop on “Managing Research Projects and Teams.”
This workshop will examine key aspects of project and team management and is designed to help both young and experienced investigators. Young investigators will benefit from a thorough introduction to key features of project management such as hiring, training, evaluation, time management, and coordination, while more experienced investigators will be able to explore techniques for scaling up projects to accommodate large research teams, such as scalable training platforms (e.g., video-based training and computerized training modules) and communication and coordination platforms (e.g., project wikis, servers, and efficient collaborative tools in Google and other private providers). I draw on experience from managing very large projects, including projects with over 50 members across 5 years and multi-campus collaborations.

The workshops are priced so that each additional workshop you take is less expensive than the prior one, and are scheduled to also encourage people to take multiple workshops. This can help folks get more “bang for their travel buck.”

You can find out more about the workshops at:

For more details, schedule, registration, and payment, visit:

You can also contact me with questions, or the lead organizer, Erin Leahey ( with questions.

I hope to see some of you there!


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