Morsi and the Military- Let’s Conceptualize!

A couple days ago (June 24 2012), after 84 years of mobilization, protests, and struggle, the Muslim Brothers have opened a new page in Egypt’s history.

In his book Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements, James DeFronzo tells us stories of revolutionaries who succeeded to grab the power. According to DeFronzo, from the Russian revolution to the Iranian revolution, we see a similar trend: the regime was collapsed by joint social forces (including a variety of groups that are even at conflict one another), and soon after the breakdown, the radicals eliminate their rivals and get the control.

Now, what is your take? Is it the story of current Egypt?

Here is my two cents: Radical views often sell especially after a systemic breakdown because they offer a hope for the masses. They are also much better organized (remember the Bolsheviks) to mobilize grassroots. In the case of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is clearly an organizational success. And yet, the Brothers’ have not pursued a political campaign based on radical views. They tried to convince the USA (and Israel), reached negotiations with the military, and so forth. (Often harshly criticized for giving too many concessions.) As I noted in an earlier post, they have greatly benefited from the radical flank (the rise of Salafism in Egypt) as well.

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2 responses to “Morsi and the Military- Let’s Conceptualize!

  1. Will H. Moore

    There has not been a revolution in Egypt (, nor, in my opinion, is there likely to be one (


  2. I am hoping it will turn out (very) similar to Turkey last 10 years. For that both parties should not do anything crazy.


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