Introducing the Consortium on Social Movement Studies

Update 4/30/12: A livestream of this event is available here!


Social movements scholars from around the globe are participating in an exciting new initiative: the Consortium on Social Movement Studies (COSMOS). COSMOS was founded at the European University Institute by leading social movement scholar Donatella della Porta. It has united over 50 PhD students and post-doctoral fellows around three of della Porta’s research projects. The first, funded by the European Research Council, is a 5-year investigation into “democratization from below,” della Porta explained to me in an email. It will incorporate emerging research on the most recent wave of the Arab Spring. The second project, also a 5-year effort, will investigate the Occupy movement and other anti-corruption and alternative political movements. A third project will compile and analyze survey data from demonstrations.

COSMOS scholars will benefit from a unique institutional environment. “A specific richness of EUI is that it is an international institution,” della Porta wrote. “This means our work is inherently comparative, and we learn a lot from each other. Additionally, [the institution’s] PhD students come from different disciplinary backgrounds. We plan research [initiatives] and conferences, and would like to function as a forum of discussion and a platform for launching new initiatives.”

The inaugural event for COSMOS will be held April 30 at the Badia Fiesolona monastery, which houses EUI.  Sidney Tarrow will give the inaugural address. More information can be found on the event flyer, which is reproduced below. A COSMOS website is under construction; check out della Porta’s website for the latest news!


 Inauguration of the

Consortium on Social Movement Studies

Chaired by Donatella Della Porta

 Welcome address by László Bruszt



Sidney Tarrow

Cornell University

“Occupying America: Lessons for Social Movement Theory”


30 April 2012

Theatre, Badia Fiesolana


Please register with


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