Planned Parenthood/Susan G. Komen Timeline

The Washington Post offers a timeline of events leading up to a very public fight between these two organizations. Left off this timeline are the actions taken both in opposition to and in favor of Planned Parenthood in between this timeline.

In particular, the grassroots efforts aimed at (and successful in) SGK’s reversal of this decision happened through a Move-On petition, in-person boycott tactics, an elite show of support from U.S. Senators, and online tactics culminating in sizeable donations.

What is clear from this timeline and other recent reversals of corporate policies (see recent Mobilizing Ideas posts including mine about Verizon and about McDonald’s, as well as Jennifer Earl’s on Sallie Mae) is that online activism is speeding up some groups’ response to protest. What is less clear is which groups are more or less susceptible to online activism and  how these quick responses will affect protests that do not acheive quick results.

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