February Essay Dialogue: The Tea Party and the Republican Primaries

The race toward the nomination of a Republican presidential candidate seems to be narrowing but could see its most heated days ahead. Since it has arguably played an important role in recent national elections, one wonders how the Tea Party is shaping the Republican primaries and whether the movement will have a decisive role in the contest.

This month, Mobilizing Ideas has invited scholars and activists to weigh in on this topic in the midst of the 2012 primary season. Contributors incorporate public opinion data, survey data, social movement theory, intuition gained from years of studying movements, and activist experience to offer various perspectives on the role of the Tea Party in the Republican primaries.  The essays touch on the Tea Party’s enduring/waning influence on Republican discourse,  the tactics of the movement from an activist’s perspective, how Tea Party Republicans differ from Establishment Republicans, the relationship of the movement to various candidates, the future of the Tea Party, and other aspects of this fascinating movement.

We would like to thank the following distinguished scholars and activists for contributing to this dialogue:

Neal Caren, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (essay)
Tina Fetner, McMaster University (essay)
Richard Lloyd and Steven Tepper, Vanderbilt University (essay)
David Meyer, University of California, Irvine (essay)
Chris Parker, University of Washington (essay)
Theda Skocpol, Harvard University (essay)
Jenni White, Tea Party activist, R.O.P.E (essay)

Thank you for supporting Mobilizing Ideas.  Happy reading!

Grace Yukich, David Ortiz, Rory McVeigh, and Dan Myers
Editors in Chief

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